Xi Jinping is now the President of China for life

Sandarbha Desk
Sandarbha Desk

The Chinese Parliament and the National People’s Congress has made a breakthrough amendment to their constitution by ruling out the presidential term limit. The parliament has enacted this significant amendment, thus allowing Xi Jinping, the current president of China to rule for an indefinite period, enlisting Xi Jinping as one of the most powerful Chinese leaders in decades.

Xi Jinping now controls the most important arms of the country as the head of Communist Party, the head of the military and the president of the country for life, consequently making it a one-man show.

For the execution of the clause, 3000 delegates were present in the parliament to cast their votes on a series of proposed agendas including the abolishment of the presidency terms. The amendment was enforced with the minimal opposition with just two ”no” and three abstentions from amongst 3000 votes. With this, we can clearly determine the power and dominance that Jinping endures being the head of China’s most important wings.

The 64- year-old has emerged as one of the most powerful Chinese presidents. According to Xi, the amendment is an impression of the common desire of the party and the people. This empowers him with the authority to continue his presidency for an indefinite timeframe which otherwise he would have to give up by the end of his second term in 2022.

According to critics, this move is not only against the welfare of the people and the country but will also make Xi politically fatal in long run. Some also fear that this would bring back Mao Zedong’s era of dictatorship. On the other hand, China’s ruling Communist Party says the decision is aimed at strengthing coordination between the party, military, and the country.

The proposed amendment aims to scrap presidential limit from vice presidency as well which hints assignment of this post to Xi’s most trusted lieutenant Wang Qishan.

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Important decisions by Jinping as president:

  • After coming to power in 2012, Xi made sure to bring down corruption and enforce loyalty.
  • Took steps for environmental conservation by exercising strict measures against companies creating pollution.
  • According to the census, the government is spending more than double on the elimination of poverty. In 2013-2016, nearly 55 million people were elevated above the poverty line.

Effect of Xi’s indefinite term on India

China’s contraventions along the disputed boundary of Doklam is well known by India. China’s efforts to bully Bhutan is a sign of China’s ability to influence India’s regional dominance. It is expected that Chinese contraventions would increase after Xi’s indefinite term along the Line of Control between India and China.

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