Supercomputers: The TOP 500 List for June 2016

Sandarbha Desk
Sandarbha Desk

The 47th edition of the list of TOP 500 supercomputers in the world has been announced. This time another Chinese supercomputer called “Sunway TaihuLight” has replaced “Tianhe-2” which had occupied the top position for the last six times.

The list is updated twice a year (June and November) on the basis of the “LINPACK Benchmark”.

The Sunway TaihuLight is built entirely of processors designed and made in China unlike Tianhe-2 which is an Intel based supercomputer ( Intel is an American Company).

The processing speed of a supercomputer is measured in floating point operations per second (flops) or the number of calculations it can perform in a second.

Sunway TaihuLight can perform 93 quadrillions calculations per second or 93 petaflops*/s and is twice as fast and thrice as efficient as Tianhe-2 (33.86 petaflops/s).

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Top 10 supercomputers

  1. Sunway TaihuLight -China
  2. Tianhe-2 (MilkyWay-2) – China
  3. Titan -US
  4. Sequoia-US
  5. K Computer- Japan
  6. Mira- US
  7. Trinity- US
  8. Piz Daint- Switzerland
  9. Hazel Hen- Germany
  10. Shaheen II – Saudi Arabia

This is the first time since the inception of the list in 1993 that the US is not home to the largest number of systems.

*petaflops= 10^15 flops



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