List of Important Lines and Boundaries

Sandarbha Desk
Sandarbha Desk

Important Lines and Boundaries

  • 16th Parallel North – Angola and Namibia
  • 17th Parallel N – North Vietnam and South Vietnam before they were united.
  • 20th Parallel N – Libya and Sudan
  • 22nd Parallel N – Egypt and Sudan
  • 24th Parallel N – India and Pakistan. Claimed by Pakistan but not recognized by India.
  • 25th Parallel N- Mauritania and Mali
  • 26th Parallel N – Western Sahara and Mauritania
  • 31st Parallel N- Iran and Iraq
  • 38th Parallel N – latitude separating North Korea and South Korea
  • 49th Parallel N / Medicine Line- USA and Canada
  • Blue Line- Israel and Lebanon
  • Durand Line- Between Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Hindenburg Line- Germany and Poland
  • Line of Control- dividing Kashmir between India and Pakistan
  • Line of Actual Control- India and China on the Northern border
  • Maginot Line- France and Germany
  • Mannerheim Line- Russia and Finland
  • McMahon Line– India and Tibet/ China
  • Oder-Neisse Line- Germany and Poland
  • Purple Line- Israel and Syria
  • Radcliffe Line- India and Pakistan (It includes Bangladesh Line)
  • Siegfried Line- Germany and France


  • India and Pakistan- 

    also known as the International Border (IB). India shares Important Lines and Boundaries border with different provinces of Pakistan and is known by different names.

  1. Line of Control – India controlled Kashmir- Pakistan controlled Kashmir
  2. Wagah- Punjab state of India and the Punjab province of Pakistan
  3. Zero Point- Gujarat, Rajasthan and Sindh province of Pakistan
  • Palk Strait- 

  • Water body separating India and Sri Lanka

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