What happened after the decline of the Mauryan Empire?

Sandarbha Desk
Sandarbha Desk

What happened after Mauryas?

  • The Mauryan Empire collapsed about 2200 years ago.
  • In its place (and elsewhere) rose several new kingdoms.
  • In the north-west, and in parts of north India, kings known as the Indo-Greeks ruled for about 100 years.
  • They were followed by a Central Asian people known as the Shakas, who set up kingdoms in the north-west, north and western India.
  • Some of these kingdoms lasted for about 500 years, till the Shakas were defeated by the Gupta kings.
  • The Shakas in turn were followed by the Kushanas (about 2000 years ago).
  • In the north, and in parts of central India, a general of the Mauryas, named Pushyamitra Shunga, set up a kingdom.
  • The Shungas were followed by another dynasty, known as the Kanvas, and by rulers from other families till the establishment of the Gupta empire about 1700 years ago.
  • The Shakas who ruled over parts of western India fought several battles with the Satavahanas, who ruled over western and parts of central India.

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  • The Satavahana kingdom, which was established about 2100 years ago, lasted for about 400 years.
  • Around 1700 years ago, a new ruling family, known as the Vakatakas, became powerful in central and western India.
  • In South India, the Cholas, Cheras and Pandyas ruled between 2200 and 1800 years ago.
  • About 1500 years ago, there were two large kingdoms, those of the Pallavas and the Chalukyas.
  • There were other changes that were taking place, in which ordinary men and women, played a major role.
  • These included the spread of agriculture and the growth of new towns, craft production and trade.
  • Traders explored land routes within the subcontinent and outside, and sea routes to West Asia, East Africa and South East Asia were also opened up.
  • Many new buildings were built , including the earliest temples and stupas.
  • Books were written and scientific discoveries were made.

Source: NCERT

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