Science Class 6 Ch 13: Short Notes-Fun with Magnets

Sandarbha Desk
Sandarbha Desk

Fun with Magnets Short Notes

  • Magnetite is a rock which acts as a natural magnet.
  • The substances having the property of attracting iron are known as magnets.
  • Artificial magnets are of different types: bar-magnets, horseshoe magnet, cylindrical or a ball-ended magnet.
  • The materials which get attracted towards a magnet are magnetic- for example, iron, nickel or cobalt.
  • The materials which are not attracted towards a magnet are non-magnetic.

Poles of a magnet

  • Iron filings are attracted more towards the region close to two ends of a bar magnet.
  • Poles of a magnet are said to be near these ends.
  • A freely suspended bar magnet always comes to rest in a particular direction, which is the North-South direction.
  • All magnets have two poles whatever their shape may be.
  • The end of the magnet that points towards North is the North Pole.
  • The other end is the South Pole.
  • This property of magnets is used for finding directions.
  • Opposite poles of two magnets attract each other whereas similar poles repel one another.


  • Magnets lose their properties if they are heated, hammered or dropped down from some height or if they are not stored properly.
  • To keep them safe, bar magnets should be kept in pairs with their unlike poles on the same side.
  • They must be separated by a piece of wood while two pieces of soft iron should be placed across their ends.
  • For horse shoe magnets, one should keep a piece of iron across the poles.

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