Know India Programme for Diaspora Youth

Sandarbha Desk
Sandarbha Desk

Along with all the KYP procedures brought into force by the Government of India, KIP is another milestone set for Diaspora youth by the government of India.

What is KIP?

The Know India program is an initiative of the Ministry of External Affairs India for overseas  Indian youth of the age group 21 to 35. It is one of the consular services of the government of India that focuses on fostering intimacy on behalf of the Indian diaspora children towards their native land by upholding its culture and customs.

The Contents of the Know India Programme

 KIP is a multi-dimensional project for persons of Indian origin that lies around developing a broad range of functionality among Diaspora youth regarding India and her Geo-political, cultural, and demographic legacy. 

The following are the main functions of KIP:-

Visit to places of rich cultural and historical significance:

The itinerary of the participants varies from Pyongyang Lake in Ladakh to Hampi in the South. The main focus of MEA is to help the participants of Diaspora youth connect with their native cultural and historical legacy that these places across India hold.

Meetups with dignitaries across fields:

Participants across the globe cherish the meaningful conversations had with dignitaries from different fields of work. Conversations that are rich in information, diversity, and cooperation from prominent public figures. These interactions under the umbrella of the Know India Programme underscore the diplomatic ties and bridges between overseas and India. 

Visits to institutes of traditional knowledge such as Yoga and Ayurveda:

 The sponsored participants of the Know India Programme get to understand the basics of Yoga and Ayurveda during their visit to the best institutes dealing in Ayurveda and Yoga such as -NIA ( National Institute of Ayurveda)  Jaipur

  1.  The Art of Living International Center
  2. Parmarth Niketan Rishikesh
  3. Patanjali Yog peeth 
  4. Haridwar etc.

Presentation lecture on India’s economy, polity, History and culture: 

A panel of renowned economists serving in national and international institutes has given converging and insightful presentations cum lectures to persons of Indian origin. Various Historians are called up to sum up a field trip of Diaspora Youth to historical places across India to help them have a better understanding of India’s rich heritage. Professors & researchers of cultural aspects of the nation give a strong notion of thousands of years of civilization evolution in the subcontinent. 

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Eligibility criteria for the Know India Programme

Some basic eligibility parameters are set to be inducted into the program which are described below: 

Nationality: It goes without saying that persons of Indian origin living overseas are eligible for the scholarship program.

Age: Diaspora Youth of the age group 18 to 30 are considered eligible for the program.

How to Join the Know India Programme

To be a part of this vivid journey through India’s cultural and geopolitical legacy there are certain steps Diaspora Youth need to follow: 

The eligible candidates may follow the given steps:

 1.  Register on the official website: 

The Ministry of External Affairs India has created a website dedicated to the Know India Programme. An interested and eligible candidate needs to visit the official website=

And fill up the application form.  This form requires your personal details, educational qualifications, and how you’re connected to India. 

 2.  Submission of Documents required: 

 The website offers to upload the documents to verify the information provided. One needs to upload their bona fide, passport, proof of Indian origin, and other related documents.

 3. Approval Awaited 

 After the submission of an application along with a digital copy of documents, one has to wait for a couple of weeks to get their application reviewed and accepted. 

If you get lucky then further details regarding travel arrangements and scheduling of the events under the Know India program will be provided to the participants. 

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Things to know about the Know India Programme

  •  This initiative of the government of India targets persons of Indian origin living overseas exclusively. Thus this program has distinguished and excluded even NRIs from the Diaspora youth. Therefore NRIs won’t be considered for this programme.
  •  The Ministry of External Affairs India bears the flight expenditure of all the participants selected and makes other arrangements during the course of events.
  •  A total of 40 students are selected in one edition of the Know India program. Though the number of applicants is relatively large. 
  •  So far a total of 2411 Diaspora Youth have been a part of this Government of India initiative under 67 different editions of the Know India program. 


If you’re a Diaspora child, or you happen to know one, this is all you need to know to be a part of the Know India program: an initiative that tends to fill you with a holistic Indian experience.

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