Zanskar Valley Tunnel is Soon Going to be The World’s Highest Tunnel. How will this Tunnel be?

Sandarbha Desk
Sandarbha Desk

Zanskar Valley Tunnel- Another Jewel in the Crown for India 

In a crowning accomplishment, India is on the threshold of building the world’s highest Tunnel, the Zanakar Valley Tunnel, a corroboration of its structural and architectural development. Expected to be completed by the year 2025, Zanskar Valley Tunnel is a dimensional project conjectured to be an architectural marvel by India that is said to transform the connectivity and transportation in the region connecting the Zanskar Valley to Lahaul. 

A stupendous project of India, The Zanakar Valley Tunnel is poised to become the chef-d’oeuvre of the Border Roads Organization (BRO). This Tunnel is believed to be constructed at an elevation of 16,580 feet at Shinku La Pass for all-weather connectivity between the two mountainous regions Zanskar Valley Ladakh to Lahaul in Himachal Pradesh, surpassing the current record held by China’s  Mi La Mountain Tunnel with an elevation of 4.752 meters (15,590ft). 

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Last year the Director General of the Border Roads, Lieutenant General Rajeev Chaudhary, reached Shinku-La after inspecting the proposed tunnel construction and attendant the opening of the Nimmu-Padum-Darcha road amid the giant curtain of falling snow. He stated that the new road would be opened for all kinds of vehicle transportation after the completion of the widening and blacktopping of the highway, which might take up to three years to complete. He further added that the ambitious project might spread its wings under the ambitious project titled “Project Yojak” of BRO. 

Believed to be a boon and revolution to the Zanskar Valley’s locals and the Army, the operation to build the world’s highest Tunnel in Zanskar Valley was initiated over two decades but was behind schedule because of the myriad of technical glitches. Lt. General Choudhary further added that the centre does not plan to bring the Keylong- Sarchu-Leh Highway under Project Yojak.  

At present, the Atal Tunnel, the world’s highest Tunnel above 10,000 ft., serves as a safer substitute for Rohtang Pass, which stands poise at a height of 13,000 ft. The Nimmu- Padum-Darcha Highway is anticipated to become a safer passageway as the Tunnel does not pass near India-Pakistan or India-China borders, unlike the counterparts Manali-Leh and Srinagar Leh Highways. Currently, it requires travelling 101 km from Manali to Darcha and through the Shinku-La Pass to enter the Zanskar Valley. 

As the Zanskar Valley Tunnel is all set to take the place of the world’s highest Tunnel, its positive impact on socio-economic growth is also set on its remarkable journey. The Tunnel is set to motion the expansion of transportation and connectivity growth, boosting growth in the valley and generating employment opportunities. The construction of this ambitious and exceptional Tunnel will be seen as an epitome of India’s resoluteness to achieve new horizons in engineering brilliance and infrastructure development. 

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