Weak foundations of civil services in India

Sandarbha Desk
Sandarbha Desk

The Government of India is all set to make necessary amendments to the service and state cadre allocation policies of the Indian Civil Services. The aim is to amplify the importance and increase the weightage of the foundation course so that any kind of negligence by the trainees can be averted.

The government is liable to explain why the foundation course, which is the backbone of the Civil Services curriculum, has not been modified since ages and not given the due importance in the curriculum.

The foundation course should be restructured in such a way that young trainees of the administrative and police services of our country should have common feelings of serving the country with utmost love, respect, and dedication. The curriculum of the foundation should be constructed in a way such that it gives a 360-degree knowledge about Indian culture, geography, and socio-economic policies to the trainees.

But if we look at the present scenario, the modus operandi of the concerned authorities is not even close to what the constitution makers and the first Home Minister, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, conceived it to be.

Even after 70 years of independence, the rules and regulations of The Indian Civil Services are inspired by the British Government. The Indian Civil Services and Indian Police, before independence, were in compliance with The Imperial Services but were converted to Indian Administrative Services and Indian Police Services after independence. Although, we have retained the mannerisms and decorum of these services, on the other hand, failed to consolidate these services with the soul of Indian values. As a result, the level of these services has deteriorated over the time.

In the past, many loyal and honest officers refused to join hands with the crooked leaders of the country. Consequently, their voices were suppressed by transfers and suspensions. But now, these corrupt leaders have the full-fledged support of the bureaucrats and only a few of them retain their values of honesty and courage.

The basic reason for degradation in the level of these services is the selfish interest and crooked behavior of many of the officers. Now, their ego, arrogance, and self-esteem are above their nation and they work to satisfy their own interests keeping the welfare of the country aside.

Most bureaucrats of our country are mere puppets in the hands of the leaders and ministers. If these bureaucrats join hands to fight corruption and injustice in India, no leader has the courage to propagate it. The first step during the foundation training is to enlighten the trainees about the Indian culture and values, make them aware and sympathetic towards the present scenario of the society. Also, during the training Indian languages should be given equal consideration as the English language.

It’s time to leave behind the impressions of the British government and create our own identity. The urge to follow the western culture will have a serious impact on the image of our nation and will have adverse consequences in the long run.

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