Types of Robots- Robotics Notes (Part-2)

Sandarbha Desk
Sandarbha Desk

Self-Reconfiguring Modular Robots (Read in Hindi)

  • It can change its shape on its own.
  • It can reconnect its parts and by reconnecting it adapts to the new environment.


  • Robotic system made out of a number of cubes.
  • The cubes can join together to create a shape.
  • It is a type of modular robot.
  • These cubes can even jump and climb i.e. they have mobility.
  • They are used for various types of industrial and repair jobs.


  • Very small scale robots.
  • Mostly nano/mini scale.
  • They can join together to create an object.
  • Each point is a robot called CATOM (claytronic atom).
  • They also have the ability to change colour.


  • They are mobile robots with size less than 1mm.
  • They are capable of handling micrometre size components.


  • They resemble a snake.
  • Generally self-configured.
  • Can pass through narrow passages hence useful in disaster management (search and rescue).


  • It is a world wide web for the robots.
  • It will help in multiple robots interacting with each other using internet.
  • It is a knowledge based system.
  • It can interact with human being also.


  • These are a large number of small particles together.
  • They can function in a collective manner.
  • They can communicate with each other effectively by using radio frequencies  or any other mechanical device.
  • They can learn from the environment.


  • It is a special case of Swarm Robots when they can follow each other.
  • They can also communicate with each other.


  • Made by NASA.
  • Mainly to work with astronauts in the International Space Station (ISS).
  • It has a human-like design.
  • The first Robonaut was R-1 (R-1A and R-1B).
  • Then they made Robonaut-2 (R-2) and sent it to space in 2011 and now it is functional.
  • R-2 can carry out spacewalk and can repair space stations.
  • It has got a dexterous hand so that it can hold the equipment in the ISS similar to the human hand.


  • Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research
  • It is a russian humanoid robot and will start operating onboard the ISS in 2021.
  • It can operate not only in space but also in extreme environments on earth.
  • It will replace humans in areas dangerous for life.
  • It can perform the functions of a rescuer, a mine-disposal expert, a diver and a welder.
  • Its companions in space include the Russian-made – SAR-400, SAR-401, the US made Robonaut and Robonaut-2, Germany’s AILA and China’s Xiaotian.
  • NASA is also making a robot called Valkyrie for a long mission to the red planet, Mars, where they will be tasked to build colonies.


  • It is a machine which can be worn.
  • It helps a human being to function with strength and endurance.


  • Very small electro-mechanical device.
  • It has a sensor which can detect light and vibrations.
  • It can be used for security, fault finding in machines and pipelines.
  • It can be used to monitor movements.


  • These are nano robots.
  • They can function bot as single as well as swarm robots.
  • They can be used as micro aerial vehicles.
  • Can be used in fields like security and information gathering.

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