Home-Made Tejas joins IAF

Sandarbha Desk
Sandarbha Desk

TOPIC: Science and Technology- developments and their applications and effects in everyday life Achievements of Indians in science & technology; indigenization of technology and developing new technology.

  • ‘Tejas’- the indigenously developed fourth generation Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) joined the Indian Air Force’s squadron called Flying Daggers.
  • It is a single-seat, single-jet engine and multi-role light fighter aircraft.
  • It is the culmination of a 33-year old dream worth Rs.8,000 crore, to have an indigenously developed fighter in the country’s air defence fleet.
  • It is not India’s first indigenous fighter. Prior to Tejas the government pursued HF-24 Marut, but it was soon phased out due to engine issues.
  • At present, the IAF has French Mirage-2000s and the Russian Sukhoi-30s and the ageing MiGs.
  • Tejas has been developed for the IAF and the Navy by the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) and produced by the public sector aircraft manufacturer, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.(HAL).
  • It was conceived in 1985 to replace the IAF’s ageing fleet of MiG-21 fighter planes.
  • It meets the critical lightweight fighter aircraft requirements of the force and will also be available for export to friendly nations.
  • It is designed to be unstable. The unstable design makes it extremely maneuverable, giving it an edge over it’s competitors.
  • All squadrons of Tejas will comprise 20 planes, including 4 in the reserve.
  • IAF will induct 6 aircraft this financial year, about 8 in the next and by 2018 the full complement of 20 aircraft.
  • It size makes it difficult to be detected on the radar and enhances the stealth mode.
  • It will prove much cheaper than imported jets over time.
  • It will reduce India’s strategic vulnerability to foreign weapon supplies being choked in times of conflict.

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