5 Breakthrough Technologies of 2017

Sandarbha Desk
Sandarbha Desk

Technology enthusiasts around the world would be naturally excited to know more about the latest discoveries that happened in the field this year. As technology is a domain which impacts every other domain knowingly or unknowingly, it is absolutely vital even for a person who is not from this field to know the latest developments in technology to be up to date in his or her domain. This could be for excelling in career or studies or even while attempting a competitive exam like the IBPS PO Exam. Below are the 10 breakthrough technologies of the year 2017 that revolutionized the way technology improves our lives:


Face Detection System
Technology has advanced to such a level where one could make payments with face detection systems, track criminal records in your neighborhood, grant access to vaults of important documents to quote a few instances. All of these had been made possible by the improved ability of computers to recognize faces to such a level that countries like China use this facility mainly for convenience and surveillance. The arrival of this facility would revamp the entire system we use in stores, banks and transport services like never before.

Hot Solar Cells
Most of us would have seen solar panels over the rooftops of apartments but the price of these ones haven’t come down for the last few decades. A different type of device to capture solar energy has been built by scientists from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) that relies on materials science and inventive engineering. The idea they have in hand is to convert sunlight into heat followed by converting heat to light but within the spectre range solar cells.

Reinforcement Learning
Under reinforcement learning the agent of learning is taught to act using rewarding system (reward and punishment). The agent has to understand the why behind each reward and punishment so that it would get rewarded for every right activity it does by the methodology named credit assignment problem. Computers could be trained by this method to perform various tasks. Using this method Deep Mind Alphabet had developed Alpha Go which could master board games that are complicated and beat the best human players in the world. Further greater intelligence would be injected to the games sooner into the other games.

Practical Quantum Computers
Scientists around the world have been trying their best to build quantum computers which could solve highly complex calculations in a flash which could not be performed by present generation computers. We are usually used to do calculations for the Upcoming bank exams but the calculations here would include things like factoring numbers that are large, problems of optimizations that are complex, and algorithms for machine learning (execution). Thus there would be applications which no one would have seen before.

Gene Therapy
Researchers have been after gene therapy for decades. The idea involved using an engineered virus to inject healthy gene copies into patients. Fundamental problems that could not be cured like rare hereditary disorders have been solved by scientists around the world. In the coming days, the same approach by them would find solutions for heart disease, cancer and so on.

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